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Revolutionary AI Interviewer
Our AI Interviewer is a natural language model built specifically for interview scenarios and can simulate interview scenarios in real-time with unparalleled accuracy and authenticity.
Customize your mock interview
Depending on the sector and specific position selected, the system will generate a personalized 'report' that allows for a detailed analysis of interview performance, highlighting strengths and giving suggestions for enhancement. Help with the next interview and perform better.
Tailored Industry Focus
Select your preferred industries and companies for targeted modular training. We've also curated a collection of high-frequency interview questions to give you the competitive edge.
Customizable Question Sets
Add as many companies and questions as you need to fill in any gaps. Our platform allows you to customize your preparation to ensure no stone is left unturned.
Practice Makes Perfect
Engage in repetitive practice to uncover your weaknesses and dramatically enhance your performance in key interview areas. Master the art of the interview through focused repetition.
Elevate Your Interview Performance with Actionable Feedback
Boost your interview success with AI Geometric! Our platform offers personalized, actionable feedback that pinpoints your strengths and areas for improvement. Elevate your performance and confidently tackle any interview challenge that comes your way.


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  • - Unlimited AI Mock Interview
  • - Curated Interview Questions & Add Your Own
  • - Limited Feedback Report

Plus Plan


  • - Everything in Free Plan
  • - Personalized Report
  • - Improved Answer Suggestions


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  • Provide bulk licenses or customized versions of the app to educational institutions
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